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A brief History of the group

The Group was started in February 2000 by Carol Morton, a resident of Oakham. Carol had been treated successfully for ovarian cancer and while her medical treatment had been very good there seemed to be very little ongoing support or information for patients and their families after leaving hospital.

The first meeting was held in Oakham Hospital and was attended by 15 people. Since then the Group has grown and now has in the region of 60 members with an average of around 40 attending the monthly meetings.

Since 2000 support services for cancer patients and their families have developed and broadened, but attendance at our meetings confirms that there is a continuing need for the support the Group offers.

Although the Group was originally Rutland based, interest and support grew and spread so that at Easter 2001 monthly meetings began in Melton and have continued regularly. We are now known as The Rutland and Melton Cancer Support Group.

The Aims of the group

The Group through its regular monthly meetings and the work of the committee offers friendship and emotional support regardless of age or circumstances to anyone suffering or recovering from cancer, their families, those who are caring for family members or friends and those who have suffered bereavement.

We do not offer medical advice

We seek to reach out to those who are coping with cancer and who feel perhaps they are alone.

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The Rutland Group meets on the third Thursday morning of every month at 10.30am at The Friends Meeting House, Gaol Street, Oakham LE15 6BG.


The Melton Group meets on the first Thursday morning every month at 10.00am at The Samworth Centre, 8 Burton Street, Melton Mowbray LE13 1AE.

Both meetings are open to everyone irrespective of where you live.

These meetings are very informal, lots of opportunity to chat to others and to get help and support, perhaps make new friends all over a cup of coffee or tea.

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